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  • Star Wars Unlimited League Schedule:

    5/26 2:30 Draft (FULL)
    6/2 2:30 Freeplay
    6/9 11:30 Freeplay
    6/16 2:30 Freeplay
    6/23 2:30 Constructed
    6/29 11:30 Store Showdown
    6/30 2:30 Freeplay
    Price: Free
    Player Cap: None
    Come join the dark side with us at Illusive's Star Wars Unlimited League! Bring some cards, sit down, and play! The league Free Play provides a place for fans of the game to come together and enjoy the game however they wish, whether it's getting in a couple games, or discussing deck ideas! 
    Players should bring any Star Wars Unlimited needed to play, but will earn participation promos as supplies last. 
    Promo Policy

    A half hour after the start of free play, promos will be given out according to attendance. If 8 or less attendees, each will get a full three-card weekly play promo pack. If there are more than 8 attendees, promo packs will be opened and shuffled, and each attendee will receive an equal amount of promos. If 12 or less attendees, each will get 2 cards. 13 or more attendees will receive a single promo card while supplies last. 

    Mask Policy

    Masks covering the nose and mouth are required. We have N95's for folks who need them.