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The slave droids at Public Restroom Comics have completed the first volume of The Space Odditorium collecting Records 001-005 originally released on ComiXology. Hear what our readers have to say about these 55 pages of comic book kookiness and be sure to reserve your copy of Tubeways Trauma today! 
"It's an excessive mind-warp of madcap lunacy and debauchery. Children and grandmothers are recommended to stay away" - PhD of Child Growth & Elderly Psychology
"My mind like totally melted and then, like, I began to hallucinate that I was an underwater sea creature and then, like, I realized I was just watching reruns of SpongeBob SquarePants."   - Randomly Selected Teenager
"Its colors are beautiful. I use the pages as wallpaper in my home and it makes the cats really frisky"  - Bag Lady
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