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    The King of the Goblins loves Owlbear egg omelettes. What can be said? It is good being the king! You and your friends are not kings though. You’re downtrodden worker goblins, who, after a long night on moonshine, have decided that it’s entirely unfair that the Goblin King chows down on Owlbear Omelettes while you have to stomach the same pasty gruel every meal. Time for the little goblin to strike a blow! Time to stand up for all the oppressed goblins out there choking on their pasty gruel! Time to break into the Goblin King’s palace and steal an Owlbear egg for omelette making purposes!

    Owlbear Omelette is the greatest, most egg-citing, egg-quest ever undertaken! Owlbear Omelette includes: -Rules for the doing of deeds. -Rules for hurts, helping, traps, poison, and the liberal application of moonshine. -Goblin creation. -Secret Goblin goals. -Eggs-traction rules - to complicate and bedevil even the most hard-boiled of Goblins. -A selection of NPCs to face down. -A random magic item ‘complication’ chart. -And a random palace/dungeon creation system to help inspire what happens next on your quest to make the finest omelette in Goblin history!

    Owlbear Omelette is perfect for one-shot adventures or a mini-campaign of 2-5 short sessions. It is designed to be played by 1 Goblin Master, and between 1-4 other Goblins. What are you waiting for? Assemble your egg heisting team now!