GIFT CARD $25 -$100


Feel like someone in your life deserves a little more credit? Give them ACTUAL credit!

Select an amount between $25 - $100 from the dropbox above and let us know any important additional information in the Notes and Addendum box!

Our Gift Cards, in addition to being a beautiful shiny addition to one's wallet or purse, can be used at BOTH of our stores, on any number of comics, books, games, toys, or services! Unfortunately they cannot as of yet be used on this site.

If physical gift cards aren't your thing and you'd prefer to put money on your own or a friend's account, make sure to note that in the Notes and Addendum box above.

Make sure to ALSO clarify there what name we know you by and have in our system so we can make sure credit goes where credit is due! Then you can use that credit with merely your name at either store. Just don't forget your name! Actually that's good advice in general, regardless of if you're buying credit for your account or not.

If you want a gift card of a different value than the ones offered here, we're happy to provide! Just call us at (408) 985-7481 or visit us at one of our store locations!

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