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  • 3 murder mystery games inspired by murder mystery dinners!

    You are the prime suspects of a murder! The killer hides among you, but their identity is unknown until the end—even to the player who plays them.

    - Murder on the Nile: A holiday on the Nile soon turns into tragedy. An inexplicable crime that runs between superstition and skepticism.
    - Blood on the Tartan: Sir Reginald McFergh dies, assassinated in his villa in Scotland. A Sherlock Holmes short story in Alibi style.
    - A Dish to Die For: The latest episode of Monster Chef has a bitter ending: A well-known food critic is poisoned to death. A burning case!

    Experience a whodunit in first person, ready to play wherever you are. Unmask the culprit or provide your alibi, one card at a time.