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 "No More Mutants." They say words can never hurt you. But they never met Wanda Maximoff. At the height of her madness during the crisis known as M Day, the Scarlet Witch uttered those three little words that obliterated nearly the entire species of mutants, consigning them to the dustbin of Darwin's evolution. Following in the wake of DECIMATION, and setting up the final showdown with fate in the X-Men event MESSIAH COMPLEX, ENDANGERED SPECIES finds the Beast in a race against the clock to see what he can do to save the destiny of his fellow mutants before time runs out. Alone and with the future in his hands, can he stumble upon the key that will bring about a positive change, or will a species now endangered be headed irrevocably for extinction? Collecting the story originally serialized in the X-MEN: ENDANGERED SPECIES one-shot X-MEN #200-204, UNCANNY X-MEN #488-491, X-FACTOR #21-23 and NEW X-MEN #40-42.

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