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All of your old friends are here, from Dorothy and the Lion to the Nome King and Kiki Aru. Discover how these primal American fairy tale characters give us insight to the archetypal forces of the imagination. Discover also how your own stories, whether in fiction or "real life", can grow and improve when examined in the dark light of these titanic symbols.

Art by:

  • Chandra Free
  • Darick Robertson
  • Drew Edward Johnson
  • Emonic
  • Eric Shanower
  • Gaz Gretsky
  • Giles Crawford
  • Greg Espinoza
  • Jay Fabares
  • Jimmie Robinson
  • KC Johnson
  • Kori Thompson
  • Olympia Maxenchs
  • Paul Gulacy
  • Ray Snyder
  • Steve Leialoha
  • Trina Robbins

Accompanying text written by Mark Anthony Masterson, author of Dorothy. With an introduction by David Maxine and a custom Tarot spread from Janet Boyer. See development images in this gallery.

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