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Role Playing Games
Do you have a teen who has a wonderful imagination and wants to develop it? Role Playing Games are perfect. We will be teaching Dungeons & DragonsStar Wars  and Starfinder RPG's this Summer.

Beginner Level: Gamers will receive pre-made characters and learn about dice-rolling, what a Game Master does, how to follow a story and work with other players to go on a journey that will be directed by their Camp Teacher. Player characters will not be allowed to fight each other.

Intermediate Level: Gamers will learn how to roll a character and will go on a higher level journey with more creative challenges.

Both levels will play different adventures from our 2017 Summer Camp, so returning kids can feel assured that they will have a great time.

Cost of the camp includes all gaming materials needed- a set of Dice, a Dice Bag, Pencils, Token Figures, and other fun stuff to keep, as well as a snack and bottle of water each afternoon.


The weekly cost is $175 per student. If you are registering for more than one full week session, or for more than child, use Coupon Code GCMS18 at checkout to save $25 on subsequent sessions. You may also use this code if your child or their sibling was registered for the 2017 camp.  

For all games we will teach Gamer Etiquette and Creative Thinking, so no matter the level or type of play, they will be taught how to play with others. 

We are an inclusive Game Space and actively welcome gamers who are LGBTQ and those with ASD. Parents, Therapists and Aides are welcome to be here for the kids that need that support.

*Parents, please note that Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering has a suggested starting gamer age of 13+ due to the complex game mechanics and mature themes. 
** This discount is only eligible for Gamer Camp and cannot be applied to other purchases.
***Fees are non-refundable. If you must cancel a registration, you will receive store credit for the fee, which can be used at either of our shops.

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