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Prerelease starts April 16th at Noon at Isle of Gamers!

ALL pickups of this item will be from Isle of Gamers
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You may order any number of prerelease kits of any factions.
Pick your preferred College Prerelease kit above carefully! Changing your faction(s) after purchase will require a $5 fee.

To order more than one College, put in the quantity of one college you want, add to cart, then change the college and select the quantity you want of that one and add it to cart as well. Make sure to check that the quantities of each type are accurate at checkout before finalizing your order.

Each faction kit has 5 booster packs of Strixhaven and 1 seeded pack for the College.

Not sure what College you want to apply to? Luckily Wizards of the Coast has put together a handy campus tour!

Don’t forget to order your Set Booster Box to pick up with your Prerelease (Yes you read that right- Draft Boxes are not available for early pick up, just Set). And while you’re here, don’t forget to order your Draft Boxes, Collector Boxes, Bundles and Commander Decks, which will be available as of April 23rd

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