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Beyond the Rim is a full-length adventure in three acts that carries players from the bustling, hub-and-spoke space station known as the Wheel all the way to the surface of a deadly jungle planet at the edge of Wild Space. In this epic tale of exploration, your characters will seek fame, fortune, and opportunities to repay old debts. You’ll dodge Imperials, explore distant worlds, run into rival parties, confront new adversaries, and uncover decades-old secrets from the Clone Wars. The ninety-six pages of Beyond the Rim contain enough material to make veterans out of new characters, or heroes out of veterans, and optional hooks for extended campaigns allow GMs to make further use of the book’s fleshed-out setting and NPCs.

The Edge of the Empire and Beyond…

Characters in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire live on the fringes of galactic society, literally or figuratively. They have their checkered pasts, they owe their debts, and they have their reasons to steer away from agents of Imperial law. They are smugglers, scoundrels, explorers, mercenaries, political refugees, and renegades. By fleshing out a number of frontiers and taking you far beyond the Empire’s reach, Beyond the Rim offers exciting new ways to explore life at the Edge of the Empire.

The events of Beyond the Rim will challenge your characters with a wide range of encounters at the edges of the galaxy, and you and your friends will need to work as a team to survive. You’ll need to make good use of all your characters’ skills and talents as you navigate the jungles of Cholganna, broker deals on Raxus Prime, and encounter the deadly nexu. You’ll also have cause to fend for yourselves in dramatic space battles.

Moreover, Beyond the Rim provides GMs with guidelines for engaging the player characters. These include optional recommended Obligations and Motivations that forge strong connections between new characters and the adventure’s events and NPCs, and a number of potential subplots offer GMs the means to customize the adventure for experienced parties.

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