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The Punisher Is At His Lowest Point - Homeless, Penniless, Gun-Less. But None Of This Changes The Fact That He's Got His Sights Aimed Squarely On The Most Powerful Man In The Country: Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin Of Crime. Fearing For His Life And Paranoid, The Kingpin Brings In A New Bodyguard, The Best Money Can Buy: A Hard-As-Nails Woman Going By The Name Of Elektra. But Can Elektra Really Shield Him From What The Punisher Is Planning, Especially When Fisk Seems More Interested In Trying To Get Her Into His Bed? The Punisher Begins His Final Assault On The Kingpin - And Only One Of Them Will Walk Away Alive. Then, As Jason Aaron And Steve Dillon's Seminal Run Comes To An End, Do Not Miss The Punisher Story You'd Never Thought You'd Read! Collecting Punishermax #17-22.

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