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    Time: 3:00pm
    Format: Standard Constructed
    Rules Enforcement Level: Regular

    Bring your Standard deck and get ready for a Showdown! Players will compete in three rounds of Swiss. Participants will receive one pack per match win, and the winner will receive a Foil, Full-Art Omenpath basic land promo. Additionally, to kick off the Standard Showdown season, all participants will receive a Dragonlord’s Servant Lunar New Year promo, and the winner will receive a Sarkhan Unbroken Lunar New Year promo!

    Mask Policy 

    Masks covering the nose and mouth are required. We have N95's for folks who need them.

    Event Cancellation

    • If WE cancel an event you will receive a full refund
    • If YOU cancel your event attendance before the event begins you will receive Store Credit.
    • If you cancel after the event begins you forfeit your fee.

    Store Credit does not expire