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  • Welcome back to in-store Magic at Illusive with our Saturday Standard Drafts held each Saturday except for Prerelease weekends at 3pm!

    All participants must be fully vaccinated, masked over their nose and mouth entirely, and show their vaccine card at check-in. We will remove players that cannot follow the mask rules.

    The drafts will be held using 3 draft boosters per player from the current set.

    After being given 35 minutes to draft and construct your deck, the tournament will run for three 50 minute rounds.

    Every player will walk away with one full promo pack just for playing, plus they will keep the cards they drafted and be awarded additional draft prize packs determined by wins. If at any point you wish to leave or stop playing, just inform the moderator of the event and you will be awarded your prizes.

    The prize structure is as follows:

    3 wins = 5 packs!
    2 wins = 3 packs!
    1 win = 1 pack!

    If you'd prefer you can take $2.00 of store credit per prize pack in lieu of the draft prize packs. 

    If you are unfamiliar with the draft format you can learn more about it here.

    Make sure to reserve your seat quickly because space will be limited.