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Autumn Sessions

D&D Learn to Play/Beginners with DM Ben

Every Sunday 4-6pm, from September 5th - October 24th


D&D Yawning Portal with DM Ben (For 8-12yr olds)

Every Monday 4-6pm, from September 6th - October 25th


D&D Space Vampire Opera with DM Jun

Every Monday 5-7pm, from September 6th - October 25th


D&D Yawning Portal with DM Ben (For 13-18yr olds)

Every Tuesday 4-6pm, from September 7th - October 26th


D&D Girls' Game with DM Gwyn

Every Wednesday 4-6pm, from September 8th - October 27th


D&D Meltdown with DM Jun

Every Wednesday 5-7pm, from September 8th - October 27th


D&D The Great Hunt with DM Jun

Every Friday 5-7pm, from September 10th - October 29th

Please make sure to select the right session from the drop down menu above and fill out the information correctly
PLEASE ENROLL ONLY ONE CHILD AT A TIME. You can enroll one child for multiple sessions in an order, but details get missed if you enroll more than one child per order.
The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your group tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more.  Building communication skills and practicing math has never been this fun.
Events need no less than 3 kids enrolled to run. Families that enroll in events where too few players sign up will be contacted by us to roll their fee into another class or recieve a refund.
Events happen according to Pacific Standard Time.
Children do not need any supplies. Dice rolling, Maps and Character Creation all take place online. However, if your kids would like to add DiceMiniatures or D&D Books, these links take you to items you can order for pick up, free local delivery or shipping.
  • Children that have a difficult time moderating their emotions should have their aide or parent near them during the sessions.
  • Please make sure your children are not being distracted with other electronics while they are playing- it is important they pay attention throughout the session so they are engaged in the event to follow the storyline and take their turn in a timely manner.
Keep in mind there are no make up sessions and we do not offer refunds if your child dislikes the event or fellow players. We will do all we can to remedy any group situation by working with the session’s GM.
These are inclusive events. We actively welcome gamers who are LGBTQ and those on the ASD Spectrum. Parents, Therapists and Aides are welcome to be a part of the adventure for children that need support.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the owner, Anna Cebrian
For your taxes, our company Tax ID is 26-0192667.
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