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2 Players
15-20 Min
Ages 8+

The Fantasy Fair is in town and everyone is looking to attend. Gguests are showing up and all trying to book a room at the one Inn in town. The two inkeepers are having a little contest between them to see who can get the most gold by puttiing different Guests into different rooms, including the Inn's several special enchangted rooms. In the end, only one inkeeper will have made the best choices and won. In Fairy Tale Inn, players are looking to fill up their Inn with Guests. They'll pick from different fairy tale characters on the Guest List and slide them into the vertical Inn. Every character has a special ability, and certian rooms do as well, giving gold to the players in different ways. When three colomns of the Inn are filled, the points are tallied and the player with the most gold is the winner.

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