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  • ONLINE D&D 5E: YAWNING PORTAL (8-12 year olds) with DM Ben
    Tuesdays 4:30PM-6:30PM (PST), from February 1st - February 22nd

    Escape the underground temple and it's ancient dangers. For 6th level PCs, pre-gens available.

    Using D&D 5th edition explore the most popular dungeons created throughout all editions of the most popular roleplaying game of all time!

    Dice rolling, Maps and Character Creation all take place online. If your kids would like to add DiceMiniatures or D&D Books, these links take you to items you can order for pick up, free local delivery or shipping.
    • Children that have a difficult time moderating their emotions should have their aide or parent near them during the sessions.
    • To respect all players, please make sure your kids are focused on this event , and not playing on electronics.
    • Keep in mind there are no make up sessions and we do not offer refunds if your child dislikes the event or fellow players. We will do all we can to remedy any group situation by working with the session’s GM.
    These are inclusive events. We actively welcome gamers who are LGBTQ and those on the ASD Spectrum. Parents, Therapists and Aides are welcome to be a part of the adventure for children that need support.
    Events need no less than 3 kids enrolled to run. Families that enroll in events where too few players sign up will be contacted with options.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact the owner.
    For your taxes, our company Tax ID is 26-0192667.