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Hello, and welcome to a special advance look at the second wave of BERGER BOOKS!

I love working with writers from different creative fields. Our new books showcase immensely talented authors some of whom are making their auspicious comics debut.

TV writer Christopher Cantwell weaves a strange and poignant tale about paranoia and obsession in She Could Fly; novelist Darin Strauss and short fiction writer Adam Dalva reimagine a classic Dickens character in the futuristic Olivia Twist; science-fiction author Nnedi Okorafor tells a universal story of aliens and immigrants trying to make it in a new land in LaGuardia; journalist and comics legend Ann Nocenti cultivates a heady, romantic, and dangerous sci-fi thriller in The Seeds, her first-ever creator-owned series.

Ten years ago at Vertigo I published novelist and TV writer Jonathan Amess funny yet wrenchingly sad graphic novel, The Alcoholic. It remains so powerful and resonant I had to publish it once again in a special new edition.

Collaborating on, envisioning, and bringing these stories to vivid life are an amazing group of unique and distinctive artists: Martín Morazzo, Emma Vieceli, Tana Ford, David Aja, and Dean Haspiel.

And, yes, I am one lucky editor to be working with all of these talented folks. Thanks for taking a look and let us know what you think!

Karen Berger

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