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HELD SATURDAY 9/18 6-8:30 PM (PST)

This event is run in one session for you to learn the basics of D&D. This 2 1/2 hour event costs only $25 per player. (The event time is PST)

The event will be run on Roll20 and Discord. We will email you all of the details of how to get set up on these free apps a couple of days before the event begins and do a technical check right before the event starts.

You will not need anything other than access to the free Roll20 and Discord apps, but if you want to enhance your D&D world you might want to consider also purchasing the D&D Player's Handbook or other D&D booksDice or miniatures to play at home.

• Missed sessions cannot be made up.

• We do not offer refunds if you dislike the event or fellow players. We will do all we can to remedy any group situation that causes any upset.

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